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NYC Subway & London Underground campaign 

TipRanks' goal is to provide data-based tools, that help investors make better decisions when buying stocks. For the first few years, the company was B2B focused, and this Gorilla campaign was one of the attempts to burst into the B2C world. 

The main focus was raising awareness of the TipRanks platform. It was done using a solid purple background to compliment the logo's colors. Also, the target audience for the Tipranks platform is people already into investing that are familiar with the basic terms. For that, we used tickers (the company stock name - AAPL = Apple for example) in the copy, as an eye catcher in a crowded metro environment.

The campaign included various mediums. From printed ads inside of the tubes to moving ads on the platforms and right outside the stations.

Copy: Marina Katz & Varda Barbach

This is an example of a trio-screen ad, which includes the full version (15 sec) of the ad.

Asset 1.png

Different stocks and personalities were chosen according to where the ads were positioned. (New York vs. London)


Here are some of the early ideas that did not make it to the final cut.

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