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Hello, I'm Inbal, I'm a graphic designer,
And I love to cut to the chase

scroll down to see my work

Asset 67_4x.png
Untitled_Artwork 9.JPG

Digital Illustration - 2020

SportFoldClose 4.gif

It's Not Just Sport - Interactive  Science  Exhibition 


GoofyFoldClose 3_3.gif

Goofy - Sweetshop Branding


new doc 2018-11-28 20.01.39_2.jpg

Collage - 2019

Wow you scrolled so far, well, to reward you, here is an early work of mine from my very first portfolio (the one that got me into school)

Asset 13_1.5x.png

Pencil on Paper - 2015

Oh you went really deep this time, so here is a little piece from when I was 5 years old


Crayons on Paper - 1999

You didn't expect to find a picture of me in the womb, did you? If you got this far, might as well contact me :)

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